FRP Industrial Products

We are engaged in manufacturing and Service Providing quality FRP, PP-FRP and PVC-FRP Based Industrial Products. Our range includes FRP Tank, FRP C, FRP Scrubber, FRP Grating, Fibre Glass Tanks, FRP Fume Exhaust Ducts, FRP Vessels, FRP Lining Service and much more.These are appreciated for features such as corrosion resistance, maintenance free, easy to install and light in weight.

FRP Tank

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FRP Dosing Tank

FRP Scrubber

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FRP Blower

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FRP Gas Scrubber

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FRP Scrubber

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FRP Fume Scrubber

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FRP Venturi Scrubber

FRP Grating

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FRP Moulded Gratings

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Fiberglass Grating

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FRP Floor Grating

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FRP Gratings

Fibre Glass Tanks

FRP Fume Exhaust Ducts

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FRP Duct

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Fume Exhaust FRP Duct

FRP Platform

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FRP Access Platform

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FRP Working Platform

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FRP Walk Way Platform

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FRP Platform System

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FRP Walkway

FRP Chimney

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FRP Chimney

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PP-FRP Chimney

FRP Cable Tray

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FRP Cable Tray

FRP Structural Profile

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FRP Channel

FRP Pipe

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GRP Pipes

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FRP Pipes

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FRP Pipe

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FRP Pipes Bends

FRP Lining Service